Peer Review is an open source, diamond open acccess (free to access, free to publish), non-profit scientific and academic publishing platform. The platform is currently in alpha testing aiming to begin a beta period in early November.

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Ready for Alpha Testing

posted on Oct 21st, 2022

Peer Review is ready for alpha testing to begin in earnest. If you’re interested in helping out, here’s what you can do.

You can find the alpha on the staging infrastructure.

We need people to put it through its paces. We need feedback on how intuitive the UX is and where we need to add more explanation and documentation, or redo the UX to be clearer. And, of course, we need help testing it thoroughly to spot any remaining bugs.

Once you have an account and initial reputation, you can try publishing a paper, posting some reviews, and posting some responses. If you aren’t able to generate enough reputation from your ORCID iD, reach out ( email, twitter ) and we can generate fake reputation for you so that you can interact with the rest of the platform.

In addition to feedback on the UX, we’re looking for any bugs that crop up. If you find a bug you can let us know in one of several ways:

Choose the method that works best for you!

We’re aiming to begin a initial semi-closed beta in early November. For the initial beta period, we’re going to increase the reputation required to publish to be 2x the average reputation per paper in each field. Anyone will still be able to read the site, but to participate you will need to have initial reputation. When we go from initial, semi-closed beta to open beta the reputation required to publish will be set back to zero.

We’re generating initial reputation from OpenAlex using ORCID iD to confirm identity. OpenAlex has a lot of data, but they don’t have all of it. So we’re working on additional ways to generate initial reputation.

Provided alpha testing goes smoothly, the beta should begin in early November. So stay tuned!