Peer Review is an experimental scientific and academic publishing platform. It uses a reputation system to match reviewers to papers and provides a clean interface for reviewing. It is open source and diamond open access. It is currently in open beta and being maintained by a single developer as a side project. The hope is for it to become a non-profit governed and funded by its community.

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Release 0.1.0

posted on Jun 28th, 2023

Today we released version 0.1.0. This is a beta release of Peer Review that contains several major features that had already been pushed out to production, along with a large number of bug fixes that hadn’t been.

This is the first major batch of bug fixes to the public beta. There will be more to come.

The list of bugs fixed includes:

  • Review “drafts” screen jumps to the top with every comment
  • Performance Degrades on Large PDFS
  • Anchor Links (Jump Links) fail to Jump on page refresh
  • Comments slow to load on large papers
  • Email Validation Token Succeeds, but Reports Failure
  • Cancelling a comment edit deletes the comment

You can find the complete release notes here.